Comic Book Update

Support Me have been amazed at how popular their Anti Cyberbullying Comic Strip Design Competition was. Schools from all over Renfrewshire took part. Our web designer is working hard to use the winning designs in our Comic Strip book. It's looking very professional and impressive so far! Watch this space for details of its launch. Through the sales of the book we hope to raise lots of money for Childline.

Anti Cyberbullying Week 2014

Anti Cyberbullying week ran from 17-21st November. Support Me planned lots of interesting activities for Primary 1-7 in Gallowhill Primary. Some of the learning activities were; storytelling, jigsaws, games and power points. Each activity was to highlight the importance of online safety as well as raising awareness of Cyberbullying. Support Me also organised some fundraising activities too, such as "Life is sweet so have a treat!" Chocolate fountain stall. "Bounce all your troubles away!" Bouncy Castle slots. All the money raised was sent to Childline. We managed to raise a staggering £115.41. So far Support me have raised over £487 for Childline.

New Poloshirts New Sponsor!

Support Me have been very busy since starting back up in August. Our new Primary 6 recruits have taken on their roles confidently. We are pleased to welcome Tony Fitzpatrick a children's author as our uniform sponsor. We love our new Polo Shirts.

The Free Roadshow Workshop

The Free Roadshow Workshop aimed at promoting Anti Cyberbullying Awareness & Cyber Safety has been enjoyed by St Anthony's and St Charles' Primary Schools. It included free goodie bags! Also several other schools have made enquiries and hope to visit soon.

Our Resource Pack Update

This Resource Pack is a wonderful tool for teachers teaching children about Cyberbullying. It contains easy to follow lesson plans using various Co-operative Learning style tasks, it is interdisciplinary, linked to A Curriculum for Excellence and most importantly written by children with a little help from their teachers!

Our Resource Pack for teachers to use in class has been purchased in Primary Schools throughout Scotland. Next we hope to contact schools in other parts of the UK. For more information please call 01418877109. 

or contact


Website Training

All members of Support Me enjoyed a training session with our Web Designer Alistair. Alistair is teaching us how to upload information to our website to ensure we keep it relevant. So watch this space!

Welcome to the Support Me homepage

Support Me was started in January 2012 by a group of enthusiastic Primary 7's who wanted to set up a Social Enterprise Company that would help raise awareness of the negative effect Cyber-bullying can have.

In June 2012 the Year 1 pupils interviewed the Primary 5 and 6 pupils to ensure their company was in capable hands. The year 2 pupils have quickly and effectively taken on their responsibilities to ensure Support Me goes from strength to strength.

Our Company Logo was designed by Reece Bennett

To ensure smooth running of our company there are 3 departments:



Workshop Tutors and Events Dept.

-Producing teaching materials for the workshop
-Cascading information to our target audience
-Keeping abreast of current developments
-Promoting awareness of Cyber-bullying through fundraising activities

ICT and Advertising Department.

Responsible for:

-Developing ICT skills to allow us to upload content to website
-Raise profile of Support Me in the local and wider community.
Merchandising and Accounts Department.

Responsible for:

-Sourcing appropriate merchandise
-Targeting a market.
-Setting a profitable price.
-Keeping track of costs.
-ensuring money handling procedures are followed.

Recent Events and Actions

Recently Parliament contacted us and asked us to design a flag to commemorate a series of major anniversaries in 2015: 750 years since De Montfort Parliament and 800 years since the sealing of Magna Carta, which paved the way for the emergence of the House of Commons and democracy as we know it today.

A selection of the flags will be sewn to fly at 2 special 2015 events; in ParliamentSquare this Spring and at Runnymede on 15 June 2015.

We are still waiting to find out who won and are looking forward to the Digital Exhibition which will be going live on the 5th March.

Our wonderful flags are now displayed in frames around our school.




Laptop hacked in 27 seconds


Twenty seven seconds is all Gavin Holt needed to hack in to an 11 year old girl laptop. Marie Croce believed her daughter Olivia's computer was secure but actually was a wide open cyber-attack. Barely minutes after Gavin arrived at the mum-of- three's house in Troon, Ayrshire. The laptop looked like the least of her worries. With the terrifying speed he had: .Got through the security on Maria’s home Wi-Fi. .Identified that software which had not been updated. .Accessed the laptop because it had simple four letter word. .Hacked other passwords containing the family’s information and bank details. .Located a file on Maria’s Google account, Facebook and Twitter.

What's going on

We have been in contact with our local Aftercare to invite them along to our workshop about Anti cyberbullying and the effects it can have. We are tweaking the presentation due to the mixed age groups that go to the Aftercare. We are excited to present this presentation and hope they enjoy it and we hope they learn something from it.

Create your comic strip

We are drawing some comic strips to make a book to raise awareness about Anti Cyberbullying.  We are asking people if you can help draw some comic strips.They have to be black and white and four panels per strip. With the idea of Somebody, Wanted, But, So (see example below).  You could make one with pictures and add speech bubbles too. 

The final comic book collection will be published and sold to raise money for Childline.

Please send it to us at Gallowhill Primary School, Paisley, PA34SF or email (as a jpeg file)

Thank You

Some Ideas For Your School

 Here are some ideas for you to use to promote anti cyber bullying in your school.                                                       

Mask making – The opportunity to make masks is to show that cyber bullying cowards hide behind the masks of computers and phones.

Mobile phone treasure hunt – Every class has the opportunity to hunt for paper phones and then decide if the messages on the phones are cyber bullying or not.

Crazy clothes day – It is an opportunity for children to wear what they like without anyone judging them.

T-Shirt competition –Gives the opportunity for the children to design a kind, nice, colourful and friendly T-Shirt. If they win they could get their design on their very own t-shirt.

Guess how many paper phones are in the jar – Make lots of little paper phones and put them in a jar then those who want to play pay 20p and they get a chance to guess how many paper phones are in the jar.

Please let us know how you get on and if you have any other ideas please share.

Email us at  if you wish anymore information


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